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"This is precisely the gift that this book gives us: a chance to do what Susan Lara calls �living life twice,� with all its pain and beauty, and to glean from it something we can take to steel or soften us for the next moment.   -  Carmie Ortego, CNF writer and teacher

This book is a laudable undertaking. In an age where teenagers rush to social media to air even their most inane moments, it�s refreshing to see some of them use their pens and ponder on the world around them and the lives that they have lived. The essays are earnest, hopeful, and culturally rooted.  - Jude Ortega, editor of Cotabato Literary Journal 


To the readers, the compilation Pristine Moments, Lucid Dreams precisely does what it promises to do�deliver the fresh insights and the clear inspirations of millennials in Cebu. To the student-writers, it�s an admirable project that oriented new inductees to writing the joy of getting published for the first time. - Haidee Emmie K. Palapar, writer, teacher, heritage worker"

Pristine Moments, Lucid Dreams - Dust Jacket

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