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This isn't a love story, but almost a love story. 
Irina and Eric share a world through dreams and time travel. They have a strong mutual understanding about the feelings they have for each other, at the same time understanding that they cannot be together. 
Eric: I open my eyes and find myself standing alone in an empty room. The ceilings and the walls are neatly painted white. And the floor is composed of polished light brown wood. And there is a dark brown framed window at one corner where the light comes from. A bright yellow and pale red orange light tells me the sun is setting and soon it will be dark. 
Eric is a ghost who always appears in Irina's dream. 
Irina: I open the door to the bedroom. There is a dark brown framed window at one corner where the light is coming from. The yellow orange light passes through the open window. 
I see Eric standing right there on the spot captured by the yellow light. 
?You came back.? I said. 
He stood there looking me in the eye. I almost died. 
Irina is a time traveler who may or may not change his fate. 
They alternatively tell a bitter sweet story.
Love doesn't always mean together, sometimes it is deeper apart. 
Eric: I stand alone in the rain looking at the dark sky where all I can see is water, for it is both the rain and my tears flowing to my face. 
Irina: And suddenly it is no longer my reflection I see inside the mirror. What I see now is a figure of a man. 
I draw closer to see him clearly. But the closer I walk towards him, the farther I become from him. I couldn't get close.

I Was Here - Dust Jacket

  • Joytes Castillo
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