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You're seven and you must pick which parent you want to stay with. You're an adolescent contemplating to be or not to be while a holding a knife to your wrist. You're the victim left bleeding in a cold room after being sexually violated.  You're a an escape artist who has just managed to leave their oppressive home. You're nothing but the experiences that have happened to you.  These moments of experience may seem little but they aren't really that small. They're key parts of the puzzle that makes up your life. They're the point from where life takes a different turn.  Compact, daunting and brutally honest, these short stories delve into the world of the subtle traumatic episodes which actually play a significant role in the development of the person so much so that this almost becomes an Identity for the rest of their life.

Coldest Sun

SKU: SP16022
₱408.00 Regular na Presyo
₱399.84Sale Price
  • Paperback

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