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"Piece of Mind: Journal of a Healed Heart (Volume 2) is a follow-up non-fiction book to the first volume that Christine Musa has released back in 2021, focusing on her healing journey after experiencing abandonment, betrayal, and a failed marriage.

This second volume contains a collection of all-original literary pieces, short articles, quotes, and anecdotes based on Christine's personal ups and downs, spanning from year 2018 up to 2021 --- the time of her life when she faced some of the most shocking truths about infidelity in relationships.

This book follows Christine�s journey as a Narcissistic Abuse survivor who was at the brink of experiencing the �Complete Cycle of Abuse� in the hands of someone whom she thought she could trust. She got lucky she managed to escape towards the end that�s why she got spared from experiencing the Discard: the final stage of the abuse.

In this compilation, Christine willingly shares the knowledge she obtained on how to escape and survive the aftermath of being in a toxic relationship with someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It�s a painful experience with overflowing lessons which made her the strong woman she is today."

Piece of Mind Volume II - Dust Jacket

  • Christine Musa
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