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�Not all risks are worth it but chances must not be taken for granted.�
Callie supposed to live in a life where she used to learn by herself. She had this mindset where she can only be comfortable by just being herself, not knowing that growth will help her push her limits further. Realizing all these parts of her are preventing her opportunity to grow, she tried to take steps little by little. She also found out that one of the reasons why she�s still in her comfort zone is because she�s afraid to fail. She�s afraid to make mistakes. 
Out of all these fears, the number one thing that scares her the most is the feeling of being in love with someone else. The thought triggered her more when Dustin walk straight around her life mainly for a reason. 
They met for a reason which both of them need to work out that has something to do with the people who are playing a big part of their journey. They must face the consequences of aiming for power and responsibility to lead in the most unexpected and surreal way where risks might be either worth it or tickets to vain.

If I were the President

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