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"In this tale, a young girl is shown who has a gift for drawing
and color. The narrative introduced the character�s love of
drawing beautiful settings that she envisions, such as the
sea, forest, and mountains. The young girl learned about
dynamite fishing and illegal logging as she accidentally
hears her father and others complaining, and she is
confused by these ideas. The book suggests that even
young kids may understand the story of our environment
if we make an effort to tell them and show them what
these environments are experiencing in the hands of
people like us. It is also emphasized in the story that the
role of educators is crucial to children�s understanding,
that�s why the story includes class scenarios to depict
how the important education is in promoting care for
environment. It is mentioned in the story that before the
teacher brought up the difficulties in class, the young girl
was unable to comprehend what she had heard. This ideas
emphasizes the importance of educating young minds as
she became aware, and it is thanks to what she had learnt
in class. The moral of the story focuses on the concepts
that even though we, as a young children cannot change
all the problems we see in the environment, we could still
bring its color back by doing what is right --- it is to start
caring for the environment, promote the �stop dynamite
fishing� and �abolish illegal logging� advocacies, plant
trees, reuse plastic materials, reduce, and recycle!"

Kulayan natin ang Mundo - Dust Jacket

  • Elizabeth Malbas Rural
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