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“This book features beautiful stories about Indian and Philippine cultures, the stories are based on the different types of food and recipes, different stories are set up in different backgrounds of different cultures which shows a picture of food items which represents one’s culture and heritage. The stories are very sweet and charming with beautiful plot which depicts a beautiful picture of Indian sun continent; it’s people, culture, fooding habits of the people, etc. This book is a must read for all the readers from India and Philippines.” 
- Debajyoti Gupta, INDIA, Author of “The Rain in Winter”
Mekus Mekus is an extraordinary collection of stories written by ‘the sardonic yet whimsical author,’ W. J. Manares that promises to captivate and transport readers into a world of wonder, imagination, and thought-provoking narratives. Each tale within this remarkable anthology is inspired by an Indian comedian who has a Filipino heart - Mr.Nobodydudy. Each narrative is carefully crafted and filled with unique characters, vivid settings, and poignant themes that will leave a lasting impression on readers. Mekus Mekus is a must-have book for any avid reader who craves an unforgettable literary experience. This two-dozen collection of comical tales by W. J. Manares is a true gem. Whether you seek escapism, profound reflections, or simply a thoroughly engaging read, Mekus Mekus has it all. Sobra na yan heh, tornado na yan heh, tsunami na yan heh!

Mekus Mekus

  • W. J. Manares
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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