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There was a mystery built in a road, a love enhanced, and pain that was triggered. Jade Frocklori is a 20-year-old college student who used to walk in St. John street to go to school every day. There was this one time when she met the guy who changed her life, Travis Scott. A mysterious guy who made her laugh, cry, and feel the pain the world gave her.
When she met that guy, she started receiving letters from an unknown sender who was hiding from the name of "Xanny" she followed what the letters were wanting her to do while Dylan Matthews, a guy she always hated started to help her figure out who Xanny is.
Until she ended up discovering deeper things, deeper memories, and deeper history. What would she do? Will she set up a bet for love down the highway where everything started?

Down The Highway - Dust Jacket

  • Jyerrmou
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