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Kennedy Gilby worked hard for years. Before traveling to the country she never heard of for the promotion, she meets a green-eyed, smoldering hot, and devilishly handsome Thayer.
She just broke up with her ex, yet she�s already into His Royal hotness in disguise. When she learns the identity of the prince, she runs away. 
Thayer Camren Aleksei Keoni Gattewarde Braynburd worked hard all his life. When the King becomes ill, the prince apparent unwrapped the list of his son�s potential wives. Even if the time is not on his side, Thayer decides to go on a mini bride hunt. 
It only takes a single look�Thayer knows she�s the one.
To Kennedy, she�s not ready to give up her career and her ordinary life, but the prince is willing to give up his title to make her fall in love. When he realizes he�s madly in love with her, he kidnaps her, not only once but twice.

My Royal Kidnapper

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  • Gia Hunter
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