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He waded through the countless sands to reach the shore where the small waves were crashing by. The vast dark sea was so calm that he thought it could take away all of his sores. He settled on and converged with the undefined water of the infinite sea. There, he felt a sensation that ran through his spines. However, in the peak of his great enthusiasm and contentment that he just brought into being, he pulled himself back from the peaceful shore, not because his white shoes might get wet, but he had realized something. A something that could diminish the clarity of his emotions, a something that could turn the myriad colors within himself into pitch black, and a something that could reshape the genuine smile that can be seen in his dull face. He realized that after the great happiness he had been taking pleasure in is a sadness to a great extent. The calm before the storm.


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  • Prince Marlo Montadas
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