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It is a collection of the poems that the author has written over time. It encompasses his life, his hardships, the joys, the laughter and the love that he experienced. He intends to send the messages of this collection to those who may be experiencing the same experiences that he had, and that they may, likewise, find comfort in this piece.
        In our journey in this battlefield called life we face various and different foes like pain, farewell, tears and sadness.
But, the universe always affords us with companions to accompany us in our quest, in the form of smiles, joy, happiness, and of them all, love.
This collection of poems is an expression of the thoughts and fascination that the author has always wanted to convey to the cosmos from his very soul.
The very narratives contained in these pieces are the maps that served as the lighting guide for a travelling man to reach this point.
The stories crafted by the adventures of the writer, which are now exhibited in the face of this poetry, seek to lend some rays to the reading folk, whose endeavors may also now be challenged.
One important note that may be shared before the outset of the perusal of this humble collation is to enjoy the voyage that waits ahead. To, likewise, conquer the forests of uncertainties through the remarks of the literature herein scribbled. And to immerse one�s heart and thoughts in the messages of these STATEMENTS OF THE SOUL.

Statements of the Soul

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