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Thalia Ruby Isla Lavigne, a typical teenager living her life in peace but an incident happened that change her life in a blink. Her mother killed someone, she don't want her mother to be in jail that's why they decided to left the City and hide in her mother's town house in ISLA DE GUILLER.
She promised to herself to build a new life in Guiller until she met that man with a black piercing eyes in the middle of the night in front of their house. A man who will make her fall in love like a blazing fire. Tantom Ryle Allegrie, the man who would turn her life upside and down. But soon, Isla discovered that her love to him comes with a price, one that may cost her being hurt and loosing herself, not only her but also her mother.

Taming the Wild Fire - Dust Jacket

  • Pensaoirse
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