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King Gerom and Queen Ferolina were childless for seven years. All the sorcerers were summoned by the king but no one can impregnate the queen. Until an old man got lost in the palace, his clothes were dirty and his feet were muddy. The guard chases him out of the palace but he says he knows something and he alone is the key to how to get Queen Ferolina pregnant. Suddenly the old man disappeared. When the king found out about it, he sent his soldiers to search the entire forest, but they could not find the old man's shadow or dwelling.
Until the day came when the camp of King Herod attacked the palace, in the middle of the preparations of King Gerom's soldiers, they were defeated by the camp of King Herod, and the kingdom of Tonga was taken from his power.
King Gerom and Queen Ferolina landed in a remote forest where they lived as ordinary people. 
King Herod's tyrannical rule began in the kingdom of Tonga.
One day, King Gerom heard a cry and saw a large snake coiling around the old man. He didn't know how to defeat the massive snake until a very sharp dragon-marked sword appeared on its hilt. He pulled it with all his might but it couldn't be pulled out so the old man shouted for him to shout the magic word 'Third eye'.
What is the connection between the old man and the magic word in the lives of King Gerom and Queen Ferolina? Will they have a child and regain the kingdom of Tonga from the cruel rule of King Herod? How was the three-eyed king born?

The Rise of the Three-Eyed King - Dust Jacket

  • Leah Z. Declaro
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