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Love can do everything. But why does a person who suffers amnesia forgets everything even his lover? Imagine how painful it is for the person he forgot to remember. 
Trixxie Marie Gonzalez did everything just to let go and forgot her memories with him just like how he forgot everything about them. She tries to move on like what her friends' said to her. She tries to live her life again like nothing happens in the past. She made herself busy with the company she inherit from her grandfather. Years had passed and she is still learning to move on. She slowly accepted that maybe they are not really meant for each other. He maybe her first in everything, but he is not her last and 'the one'. But destiny is really playful. The man he was trying to forget came back to the country and now that their paths crossed again, how can she fully move on? Will she have hopes again that maybe he can remember? Or move on and just focused to her life? Does waiting on him will be worth it or maybe she will just be broken again? 
Who knows? He might remember her again. But the question is will his feelings towards her will be the same after forgetting everything about her for almost 3 years? 
'Maaari pa nga ba?' 
Infinity Love Series is a series about different love stories with a lesson that teaches everyone that love can do anything and is powerful.

Maaari pa nga ba - Dust Jacket

  • Meastyrious
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