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A Resource Book Told as Only a Freelancer and a Survivor Can Do!!!
Jobless to Job-Packed is not just about losing a job or finding one. Not just about beating unemployment or surviving a pandemic with composure or overcoming joblessness with self-confidence. It is a book about tenacity and determination. It is about courage, about faith. It is about being ?cool? as we wrestle with life?s hurdles.
Jobless to Job-Packed is filled with insights from the author?s years of being a freelance writer/researcher, editor, and English language tutor. Written with a very personalized tone, it is perfect for anyone transitioning in life or for anyone who is just seeking ideas on how to go about one?s career situation. 
As a reservoir of information, Jobless to Job-Packed is for those who are still trying to find their niche under the sun. It is a pool of opportunities for those who cannot land on their elusive dream jobs. Replete with encouraging options, the book is written for those who have lost the drive and the motivation to keep going.
Jobless to Job-Packed is saying ---
Seek the job you want and get it!
Thrive on that job you have and develop it!
Whatever is the situation you?re in, turn it around to your advantage and make it work for you!

Jobless to Job-Packed - Dust Jacket

  • Gemma Minda Iso
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