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The world is in the grip of Climate Change. Floods, fires, hurricanes, droughts and big freezes are killing thousands and draining treasuries.

Robert Jenkins, Vice President, is fighting to save his career and his government against a President who loathes him. He plans military action to create Volcanic Winter and defeat Climate Change only to find he has declared war on humanity and lost control to the President. How will he save the planet?




Volcanic Winter by Mark Rutherford is one of the most exciting, edge-of-your-seat stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Filled with current storylines, it exposes the political system perfectly in a story of high-octane thrills and spills. It is a scientific story but Mark has taken the time to ensure the non-scientific amongst us fully understand everything. The plot is thick with action and twists with a plot that engages you right from the start. A tense tale, the characters are brilliantly developed as real people in a storyline that we all know could very well happen at any time ? nothing is beyond the realms of possibility anymore! Thoroughly enjoyed this and fully recommended it for anyone who wants to lose themselves in a novel that won?t let go of you until the last page. Looking forward to reading more from Mark Rutherford in the future.

- Anne-Marie Reynolds ? Readers Favorites


What a great read!. The characters are interesting and well developed, the plot is intriguing and moves at a good pace, and the science is explained really well ? important for a non-scientist like me. It kept me guessing right to the end. This book was recommended to me by others, and I?m really glad I listened to them. A great first novel by this talented author.

- Cathy B - Sydney

Volcanic Winter

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