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Isaiah, Gianne, and Stephen have been die hard fans of Harry Potter. They didn?t expect that one day, they would receive an invitation to study in Hogwarts with the help of Isaiah?s grandma, to find the hidden magical necklace and to discover a lot of things throughout all the adventures and mysteries that?s waiting for them to uncover.
While studying in Hogwarts, Isaiah begins to realize that magic is not just having a real wand or having supernatural powers like what he has seen in movies and read in books.
He doesn?t just need to find the magical necklace, but he also needs to find the real meaning of magic before the end of his school year. But will he ever succeed in finding the real meaning of the word magic at the end? Will his friends and him succeed in finding the magical necklace?
Welcome to Hogwarts Academy, where every witches, wizards and muggles are all welcome.

Hogwarts Academy : The Hidden Magical Necklace - Dust Jacket

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