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Richa and Tanmay, an urban couple have bought a fully furnished apartment in Mumbai. It was cheap compared to the market price and Tanmay was sceptical about the deal. On asking the broker Shravan revealed that the owner, Mrs Rastogi?s husband had passed away after he ate a samosa. It?s been a year since his death and Mrs Rastogi is in urgent need of money, hence she is ready to let go of the apartment in a distress sale. Despite being doubtful about the deal, Tanmay agreed to buy the house for Richa?s happiness. But since the day they moved into the house, only the junk and fast food stored in the fridge at night would mysteriously vanish by the next morning. Richa was suspicious it was either the maid or Tanmay who are polishing the food away. Richa is determined to find the thief but the secret that unfolds at the end leaves her horror-stricken and astonished. What did Richa find out? Who was the food thief? Read to find out.

Who Ate Our Food? - Dust Jacket

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