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?Where did this happen?? the inspector asked. ?We went for a walk outside our hotel and then after a few minutes, I saw a crowd of people surrounding Mr. Ozlan who was lying dead on the ground. I went inside the crowd to see him and when I came back, I could not find my wife there? Ramsay replied. ?Mr. Ozlan? Which Mr. Ozlan?? the inspector asked. ?Mr. Ozlan, the doctor, who jumped from his roof and died yesterday? Ramsay promptly replied. ?Have you gone mad? Mr. Ozlan, the doctor, had died 5 years ago.


Do you know the truth of Ramsay, his wife and Ozlan? The truth is here in this book and there are multiple layers of truth and each truth will open a closed chapter of your life.

2 Faced

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  • Paperback
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