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This is a story straight out of Bollywood, or is it? When Namrata, a pretty young thing from Goa meets Sandeep, a handsome lad from Karnataka, sparks fly. It takes a packet of detergent, endless love letters and some hilarious incidents before Namrata takes Sandeep seriously. That?s the easier part. Convincing the two families and the actual marriage is where all the drama begins. And the drama continues long after the garlands are exchanged; which brings up the question - is that ?happily married ever after? thing for real or just a cliche! Come fall in love with the young couple as they move back and forth between two beautiful states of Goa and Karnataka. Come fall in love with love!

A Girl from Goa

SKU: SK22004
₱459.00 Regular na Presyo
₱449.82Sale Price
  • Radhika Acharya
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