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The night caretaker in a local cemetery became witness to a horrifying
event. The body of a mutilated woman fell from the sky. The caretaker
investigates only to be terrified by childish laughter from the woods that
bordered the cemetery. In his terror, ran for his life ending up in the
custody of the local police station.The case fell upon the lap of Senior
Inspector Manny Panganiban who was puzzled by the case and suspected
that the man in custody may both be the witness and the culprit. The only
thing that troubled him, was the absence of blood. Thus, ordered PO1
Eunice Salve to research the same MO or anything that can shed light
upon the unique nature of the case. She came upon an article by a certain
Dr. Javier that she assumed can help in the investigation. A meeting with
Javier revealed certain aspects about the community that was not common
knowledge. About similar mutilations in the past, all unsolved and about
a house that everyone seems to have forgotten. Then people began to
disappear. Ghostly manifestations occurred. And there is the deaf-mute
that grew up in the fringes of society, distrusting people and their good
intentions until he met Jennifer. The illusory feelings he had for her was
shattered and he withdrew from society. Alone and close to death he was
saved by a malevolent creature that offered him life only to find out that not
all second chances are worth taking. With things getting out of hand and
with the approach of a typhoon, Panganiban, Salve and Javier along with
others banded together to solve the mystery, find the abductees and put the
case to rest. Unaware that they were about to clash with dark forces that
had roamed the land for centuries and to a showdown beneath the bowels
of an old house that nobody knew existed. Some will die, some will survive,
others will find redemption and renewal.

After Dark

  • Jose Manuel A. Santos
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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