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Beset with a deep sense of alienation, Alexander, a middle-aged Scandinavian mathematician with a bent for the metaphysical, begins to question everything, from his failed relationships to his declining career prospects and the attainability of happiness. On a cold winter night, a seemingly random encounter with a stranger obtrudes onto him an unsought responsibility over a dog and a series of bargains with eccentric individuals. Caught up in piquant musings on the crossings of poetry, mysticism, and mathematical paradoxes of infinity, he is unknowingly initiated into a unique esoteric group of seekers and newfangled anchorites.
The experience turns into a springboard for a daring new escapade into a life of self-discovery and reconciliation. In an effort to find answers to his troubled love affairs and ambivalent relation to religion, the once reticent loner undertakes a spiritual experiment in the East. He leaves his comfortable but predictable life behind, and becomes a seeker.  
From the yoga ashrams of India to the Buddhist monasteries of Burma, this spiritual novel takes the reader on a pilgrimage through the thicket of human insecurities and aspirations. Alexander learns to navigate the perilous landscape of modern spirituality, con-masters and authentic teachers, and as a result he discovers, articulates and manifests his own response to the baits of love and faith, radically different from the ones he had once held.

Alexander?s Infinity

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  • Paperback

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