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Francheska Medel didn�t dreamed any serious relationship with any man. It was because she thought that she will only got pain and heartache. She told her self that if she met a man, she will only have his sperm and use it so she will have a child. Then she will runaway from him and never make any appearance to him, again.  She then met Calcifer Argonia, a businessman who felt the butterflies that flies through his stomach, the moment he saw her. She thinks that the man is out of his mind because it wasn�t long enough knowing him, but he already confessed his love for her. He was so persistent even though she wasn�t giving her any assurance.  And his hard work paid off as she gave him a chance to proved his love for her. They became an official couple. But their booming relationship wasn�t strong enough when someone ruined it.  Will they ever have the happily ever, just like every fairytales? Or, their love story wasn�t really bound to happen at the very beginning?

Amidst the Clandestine Heartache

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