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?And all the Seasons in between? is a childhood memoir where memories mingle with fantasy.
Nostalgia: sweet, tangy and utterly unforgettable will take you to a garden in Dehradun in the late seventies and the house that was attached to it.
You will also meet Artemis who dreams of becoming the Most Green Gardener of all times under the apprenticeship of Papadash the Perfect, a wise man with magical powers. It is Artemis? journey of self-discovery that brings her to the realization that patience and practice are key to achieving any dream.
Unique, relatable and beautifully written, the story of Artemis? and the memories of the author?s childhood come together as one story, partly lived, partly dreamed.
?You enter a magical world as you begin to read the book. You don?t want the magic to stop. It is a rare experience.? 
? Tomichan Matheikal, Author and Blogger.
?The writing is lucid. The flow is amazing. The style is poetic. And their combined effect is intoxicating.? 
? Ravish Mani, Life Adviser.

And all the Seasons in between

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  • Paperback

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