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Waking up in the middle of the street with the mother of all headaches and little recollection of the previous night�s events is sure to unsettle a few people. Add a random ultra-smart 13-year-old girl that just won't go away and a pretty stone necklace that somehow surgically implanted itself into the base of your skull, and you might just have the makings of the rather strange day Casey was having. But while such a thing may set the stage for a good horror, or possibly even a half decent thriller, Casey nonetheless found an astronomical serving of interesting suddenly being added to her life after experiencing an unexpected upgrade from antique dealer's foster daughter to Angelfyre pilot.
From the outcast human-alien hybrid teenage girl living in a dull 25th century mining town, Casey is suddenly caught up in a whirlwind interstellar adventure aboard an exquisite experimental ship called Angelfyre, a cutting-edge stealth planetary reconnaissance craft created from the forms of thousands of species of flying and swimming animals. She meets Angel, Angelfyre�s onboard synthetic intelligence avatar, forming a close friendship as she helps her face something completely foreign to any other form of artificial intelligence: a deep upwelling of intense emotions rooted in an inexplicable fear of death.


SKU: 9789355977915
  • Lydan Francis
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