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Art of Literature, an original masterpiece, a magnificent work of art, written by various talented authors. This anthology comprises short stories and poems of different genres, sparking the authors? imagination. Work of literature, whatever floats the writers? boat, create their super tales. Look inside the writers? mind, creativity, and originality, experience the formality of short stories and poems, expressing their phenomena and transformations. Contributed Authors: Adanu Michaels, D.S. Pais, Jimmy Tan, Maham Batool, Ndaba Sibanda, Sehloho Piet Rampai, Victoira Odunayo, Babangida Baba, Zambrang J. Salilu, Akhabue Victory, Akpanke Stella, and Tamikio L. Dooley.

Art of Literature

SKU: MR22001
₱510.00 Regular na Presyo
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  • Paperback
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