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Since she was very young she has been shunning people who want to approach her, because of the trauma from the past. She seems to have built a barrier that is hard to break and you will take the time to get inside it. But when a young boy she had just met came into her life, she did not fully imagine that it would be so easy for him to enter this boy himself through the barrier she had made. And the only way to get it out was to break her heart that seemed already closed and locked.    My mind is telling me that we should stay like this and just cherish each other, but why do I feel something inside that seems forbidden?   
“You are my light, and if I lose you, I will be just darkness. That will never shine without you.”   

“You once told me that your name means dark, yet you bring more sunlight into my life.”     
When the light collided with the dark.  

Burning Poems

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