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In a life filled with constant metamorphosis, misery, and agony, we all desire for
our screams to be heard. Sometimes, we feel alone, and our thoughts randomly
scatter within the deepest corners of our minds. During these melancholic
moments, we push them away, not acknowledging the ache and gloom we feel.
In our weakest state, when our soul withers like a dying wraith, we all want
comfort and love. To share the worries within our hearts while yearning for
someone to listen to it like a piece of enchanting music.
Within the pages of Cacophonies of the Wilted, you will find a graveyard of
discarded thoughts and a sanctuary of unspoken words. It contains pieces that
will soothe your entire system and whispers consoling words that will make you
feel that you are not alone in this universe.
Above all, you will be reminded that you will bloom over time, in your own time.

Cacophonies of the Wilted

SKU: 9789357879606
  • Angelique Murillo
  • All items are non returnable and non refundable
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