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“Aniesha Zarzuela is a hardworking woman who will do anything for her family. She has this kind of charisma that every man would fall for. She was the one who raised her family the day that her father left them at a very young age.  Aniesha is a resilient, cold and self-reliant woman who always wants to be the best. 
John Jaxson Montenegro is a selfish man who doesn’t care about other people as long as he’s happy doing his own thing. He never cares about other people’s feelings as long as he’s satisfied and enjoying doing his own thing. For him, life is a waste.
What will happen once Aniesha and Jaxson meets? Will Jaxson change his lifestyle and beliefs or he will also ruin Aniesha’s life because of his past?”

Carrying The Mafia's Twins

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