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In this interracial lesbian love story, Ira and Sade tried to provide a sanctuary for people like them - people who, due to life, had to realize the difference between the family you?re borne into and the family you choose.  Ira, a Korean who moved to the Philippines to study English, discovered what this meant when her family cut her out of their lives after a viral video on social media revealed she?s a lesbian. Sade, a Filipina college student, found out what choosing your own family means when she had to leave her own home as she constantly witnessed how her mother suffered from her father?s misogyny.  The two then built the Purple House, which opened its doors to people like them who were shunned by their own family too for a variety of reasons - political differences, lack of support, among others.   As they protect and take care of their new home, feelings start to develop between the two of them - but Ira would rather not take the risk, as the Purple House may see its doors shut close if feelings get in the way. Sade, on the other hand, wants to give it a try.  Will this difference in approaching this thing called love strengthen the Purple House, or will it just destroy it?

Dito, Sa Purple House

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  • Paperback

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