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The town of Udaya is one of the most progressive towns of Verona. People work arduously to become successful and well-heeled. However, as they strive hard to change their way of life, they become greed of wealth and of course power. The elites of the town become arrogant while the people?s wail remain unheard. 


Let us see how Astraea Monteverde sets her hopes for the betterment of Udaya, how she will address the problems of the rotted fiefdom system and how the town will be for the next generation. 


Aya, as she is known for, is a prosaic student who dares to buck against the system in order to help poverty-stricken people and to save humanity. 


How far will she surpass in risking her precious life and who will be with her to uphold her aspirations for Udaya and for the townies? More than that, is it even possible that a mere student can turn the tables around knowing how scheming and conspiring the elites are? 

Dreams We Lived By

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