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Thea is an illustrator for a local magazine to the streets of Astoria and an artist striving to carve her place behind the walls. Her serene life stumbles down a rabbit hole when her summoning goes wrong. Thea finds herself in an enchanting world. Soon she realizes every spell has a price. Can she save the world when she has no resolution in her life?
Cosmina is a ravishing housewife who finds herself in a mansion inherited by her husband in the Hoia forest. Cosmina and Valeriu are determined to kindle their love as mistrust creeps into their marriage. Can they thrive on the obstacles, or will they crumble beneath the weight of suspicions?
Zainab is a cardiologist settled on the banks of the Yukon River in Whitehorse. Though his past still haunts his dreams, he leads a mirthful life in the daylight. His pale life indulges in the vibrancy of life as Zoey arrives at his doorsteps. Can Zoey heal his wounds, or will he scar her for eternity?

Drifting Spirits

SKU: JL21007
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  • Paperback

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