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What if, all your life, you find yourself in the deep ocean of adversity? Are you willing to swim in the ocean of pain to find more value or life’s meaning until you reach the seashore of relief, or are you willing to surrender easily and be drowned in the abyss of nothingness?
Tirso H. Gamba, author of Dust Beneath the Ocean, releases his first-ever nonfiction book. A memoir integrated with some philosophical thoughts that will change your perspective about the essence of life and make you realize that success happens even in an infinitesimal sense. This book describes a journey that views obstacles and setbacks as chances for improvement. Specifically, this book is a testament to the fact that without pain, there will be no glory. Whether you’ve lost faith in yourself or you’re a fighter, this book is for you.

Faith in Fate

  • Tirso H Gamba
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