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First story: The Feather that Danced
Zack Johnson found out about Hena Plain one summer. He began to watch over her every day. He never knew what�s in store for him until that fateful day arrived.
Second story: Captivating Night
Mary Samantha Byrd was just an average student at the St. Claire�s Academy in the Philippines. The unexpected happened, and she learned a lot.  
Third Story: The Slap Army: Lime13
Anne Quin has been coping with her sickness for many years. The band Slapshock�s music brings her to reality. Until that day came with the vision that changed her life forever.

Feathers of Tributes

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  • J.P.Q. Mabulay
  • a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
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