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"Mayumi was a half-Japanese and half-Filipino woman who was longing for her father. From the day that her father left until she became an adult, she always felt incomplete. Her greatest dream was to find her father and because of her hard work, she was given the opportunity to go to Japan where she could find him.
One day something unexpected happened in her life. She met a man named Marco who helped her in her journey.  As time was running after them, a woman named Megumi entered the scene. She knew all about Marco that Mayumi does not know. But, it was too late for Mayumi to find the truth.
Would she be able to find her father whom she had been longing for all her life? Or would she find someone else who would fill that missing piece in her heart?"

Finding You

SKU: 9789357709774
  • Miss Queeniiee
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