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Charlie Lang was a typical passive kid, and when her parents decided to move into a new neighbourhood, Charlie never expected that her life would turn in a different direction.   One night in the middle of summer, Charlie met a dazzling friend in the name of Dahlia Fardo and by getting to know her, Charlie eventually discovered a vague side of herself. Charlie kept her feelings exclusively to herself in fear that she might lose Dahlia if she ever spoke about it. Add to this, she also has a falling relationship with her father so she was torn between keeping everything to herself or should she face her fear of being spurned away and acknowledge her own identity.' By the incessant moral and emotional support coming from her ever-loving mother, she gets to reconnect with her father, but something unexpected had happened that made it too late for her to pursue the love that she'd always wanted for it was forever lost in her dream.

Forever Charlie

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  • Paperback

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