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Don't make promises you can't keep,' she closes her eyes, her head still on my shoulder as the sun sets, the waves of the ocean lapping against the shore. 'I promise you, I'm keeping this one,' I tell her, pulling her closer to me. My arms wrap around her waist and I lay my head on hers. Athena Lewis, a student with a secret undergoes the obstacles of high school, love, and life. Struggling high school student, Athena is trying her best to complete her senior year of high school, deal with the constant bullying she receives, hoping not to crack under pressure while keeping a life-changing secret, and trying not to swoon over the school's extremely attractive quarterback, Ezra Kingston. Insert Ezra Kingston, the popular quarterback of the school, who can get all the girls, has the money, the looks, and the friendly personality. Ezra is not a player, he just plays football, looking ever so hot while doing so. When the two are paired to work on an essay together, Athena has to work harder to keep her secret hidden, especially when her feelings for Ezra start to cloud her judgment.

Her Secret

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