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Samantha didn't even want to go with her mother to her event but since she loved her mother, she decided to go. It was there that she met, Charles Richardson; a famous actor her mother was obsessed with. Sam wasn't impressed with Charles at their first meeting. She didn't get what the fuss was about him. But that wasn't the last time Sam and Charles's path was going to cross. Upon meeting again, Charles spontaneously invited Sam for a weekend getaway to his log cabin. She loved every minute of their time in the cabin and realized that although Charles was a big-time actor, he was like any other normal guy. And she couldn't help but like him. But life had to have a say in their fairytale. The moment Sam and Charles returned to the real world, they were shown why they couldn't be together. Sam was just an ordinary girl and Charles was simply in a different world. Could their love be bigger than their differences and could it be enough to make both ends of their worlds meet?

Hey Stranger

SKU: 9789811496745
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  • Anne Marla
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