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Keith, A son of a billionaire was bullied for being too rich during his elementary and high school days. So, when he stepped onto senior high school, he decided to hide his rich identity through gaining weight and changing his looks. When school year started, he noticed that none of the students wants to talk to him. Little did he know that some of the students know his real identity and decided to spread rumors about him belittling those who are not wealthy as him. His goals on making new friends and meeting new people failed. As he was about to go home, he felt a cold breeze on his skin so, he decided not to wait for his driver and ran towards a near by bus terminal 'cause he assumed that it will rain. Inside the bus, he noticed that only one seat for two people is available so, he immediately sat down quietly. As the bus was about to go, another person was rushing towards the bus to take a ride because the rain started to fall. That person is Faye, the one who will change Keith's life forever. Keith decided not to share his real identity to Faye assuming that she will stay away from Keith the moment she will know the truth. Little did Keith know that Faye has secrets on her own. Will Keith know Faye's secret first? or will Faye be the first to know Keith's real identity? and will they accept each other then?

I Hope the Rain Won't Stop

SKU: 9789357707336
  • MgaKathaNiPipen & Shaina S. A.
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