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Why do some people come into our life just out of nowhere, though for a brief moment, they still manage to change our whole life? They force us to ponder and see life, the world from a different perspective. They force us to see the light and the goodness in midst of all the darkness. They put themselves so close to our soul that even when they leave they are not truly gone' What is love? Why do we love? What is friendship? Above all, what is family? What does it feel to have/ sustain a family? Why do some people have everything in the life they want and need to survive, all their desires while others barely have anything they want and need to survive? But why do the others still manage to survive in midst of all this darkness, cruelty, pain, and suffering? Why do darkness, pain, and suffering are their only true companion? Though they live in the dark, their soul can still see the light. Why do they still manage to have that hope and courage? Why don't they give up on dreaming? Why do they still hope and dream? Based on what eternal infinite enchanted mystifying force they never cease to exist? --- Perhaps the sanctified love and faith' This journey carries all the answers. I hope this journey will change your life. I hope it will make you see things from a different perspective. I hope it will make you ponder. I know it will- I have hope. It can change your life. It can. You just have to have that faith. Just believe and keep believing. AS IT DID MINE'

In Search of Why

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  • Sangramdeb Chakrabarti
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