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�To hold in high estimation.� Intimacy was beyond my limit.
Across the boundaries, before, I was just okay being alone in her room and studying all the time, seeking answers for my undying questions, watching birds in the skies chirping, and Luigi was never existing in my world and he was just one of a billion people. 
I was fine, he was immune to pretending to be fine. Psychology was my dream, Psychology was his reason to fight his own battle. I could trust anyone, he could trust no one.
He came along my journey unexpectedly.
He gave all the answers to my wonders that even various books failed to get back to. I was once afraid to have an attachment with someone knowing that he might not understand me, wholesome at all. 
Until I met him 8 years ago; in a Campus, wearing the same uniform, looking at the same statue, and standing near beside me. 
�Why did you take this course again?�
�I want to heal on my own. I don�t want to depend on someone and be a burden of my own illness. Is that enough reason, Lumina?�
A guy named Luigi, a Psych student. The guy who taught me that a real strong person does cry and is fearless to show his or her real emotions.

Loudest Thoughts, Muted Tears

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