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Ayesha has just moved to the? City of Dreams? with her parents. She befriends the charming Viren, who helps her find her footing in Mumbai. Though she is slowly adjusting to her new life, what Ayesha is most excited about is pursuing B.A. (Hons.) Political Science from a reputed college. Things don?t go as smoothly as she had thought though. Because Abhi, her senior, seems hell-bent on making her life on the campus difficult from day one. Just when things seem settled, Viren joins the college as an Ad-Hoc lecturer. Is there more to Ayesha?s friendship with Viren, and her frenemity with Abhi? It seems there?s a love triangle blooming around the corner or will it be a Love (Try) Angle? Because Ayesha is not sure if it?s love at all.

Love (Try) Angle

SKU: SK22002
₱459.00 Regular na Presyo
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  • Manali Desai
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