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Judith De Dios is a tour guide on an island somewhere in Palawan when Lucas Sebastian accidentally saw her when she lost her job. While Lucas made an immediate offer to her to be his assistant and help him at home and asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Judith fell in love with Lucas's kindness and can't help herself and gave her virginity to him. But when Lucas was about to confess his feelings to her, his ex-girlfriend Beatrice came into the picture and told him that she is pregnant with his child. Judith decided to avoid him with the help of Kenneth who she met before. But Lucas kidnapped her and bring her to the island and confessed his feelings towards her and offer her to walk away with him but she refuse. Lucas respected her decision but he surprises her with a fake island wedding. After a week of happiness and goodbyes, Kenneth fetched her and brought her back to the city when she finally learns that she is also pregnant but it's too late. Lucas is already married to Beatrice. She decided to go back to her hometown with her child but everything went wrong when she learned that Kenneth get her daughter Bithiah in exchange for a baby boy and gave her child to Beatrice. And Lucas is mad at her because he thought that she cheated on him with Kenneth. But Kenneth confessed everything that Beatrice's baby already died while she is pregnant and Bithiah is Judith and Lucas's daughter. Kenneth just helped Beatrice because they are half-siblings. They rescued her daughter and Beatrice got arrested. Then Lucas finally told her that their fake island wedding is true and she is his legal wife. After that, she and Lucas together with Bithiah and Luke her adopted son live happily ever after and planned to get married again after two months. The End.

Lucas Sebastian III - SPG

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