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�Love is beautiful
and blind
and messy
and wrapped up in stardust.�
(Excerpted from Confession of the moon, chapter Pain)
-  Claudia Pavel, The odyssey of my lost thoughts

Magkasintahan Volume XXXII

SKU: 9789355974389
₱408.00 Regular na Presyo
₱204.00Sale Price
  • Lyka Rain Calunod, Zai-Zai, J.R. McKay, Giosue Antoine Gacutan, Renalyn A. Bico, Geralyn Laveturia, Sherree Ann Lachica Barbero, Syrelle France S. Paterter, Charlyn Buates, Angelita Facurib
  • a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
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