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Nene�s Poetry is a collection of poems written by Ancel Mondia. The poems compiled in the book possess various relatable themes and different understandable lessons. The language utilized is English which reflects the universality and timelessness of the pieces created by the Filipino poetess. The poems collected can be considered the expression of conflicting feelings and differing thoughts taking place in human circumstances. They are apparently about love, self, and society which mainly constitute life in general. They tackle the perks and perils of having a human existence. The poetry collection aims to immortalize the superhuman qualities of men and women who merely come and go in the cosmos. The poems found in the book offer heartwarming advices and thought-provoking suggestions in breathing one�s own being in the diverse earth. They signify and reflect the inimitable and authentic truths that linger in every human soul. They impart wisdom that human minds and hearts can enigmatically understand and indescribably undergo. The poems composed by the author are a method of preserving the pulchritude and essence of literature especially in the digital age. They revive the admiration expressed towards the natural world and restore the devotion indicated towards the boundless universe. They remind the human race of the interconnectedness of every single life with one another that contributes to wholeness. The comparison and relation between distinct existence of beings are presented in the substance and meaning of the poems.

Nene's Poetry

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