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Exactly, fifteen years after her death, Kimberly who suddenly died in a tragic accident when she was twenty-six years old came back to life as a high school student. Shock and bewildered her first day on earth was literally trouble. Good thing, a Grim Reaper by the name of Zero came to help her. Together the two will joined hands to help each other succeed in their individual mission on earth. Kimberly to help her kids make up who were separated by competition and grief. Who turns out to be just like her age. And Zero to help Kim to cross the Other Side after fulfilling her last wish and finally pay for his sins on earth. Can the two succeed in their mission? Or will their personal interest and past will hinder everything? How far can a mother�s love endure and sacrifice for her children? This is a story of a love that transcends time and death. Of a love that will touch your heart and reach the Heavens.

One Last Wish To Heaven

SKU: 9789354908248
₱459.00 Regular na Presyo
₱449.82Sale Price
  • Baby Chin Utar
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