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Arianne, a seventeen-year-old girl, is involved in a tangled relationship. She�s a nice, innocent girl who is trying to convince herself that she has moved on from the past. But the night she bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Jonard, and suddenly meets Jonard�s brother, Louwiee, is the night her life unravels once again.
All she wanted was to live a happy life after the sorrow she had gone through in the past. However, meeting the Fuentes brothers turns her life into a roller coaster journey. She believed that falling in love with her ex-boyfriend or one of the Fuentes brothers was not her priority.
Will Arianne stick to her words and avoid falling in love? Will she become strong enough to face all the consequences? Or will she fail miserably and confine herself in sadness?
A story of their MESSY HEARTS

Our Messy Hearts

SKU: 9789355970848
₱612.00 Regular na Presyo
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  • Karen Quezon
  • a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
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