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No one expects a fifteen year old to be capable of murder, right? Well, that?s where society would be wrong...  Meadow Carter is a nineteen year old who is forced to do a second round of high school. She isn?t the only one as her best friend is in the same fucked up position. She?s one of those people who think you should go against the system at all costs. Or at least, she starts to believe that. What she never thinks is she?ll discover secrets of those closest to her. Her best friend is Dani Halle. She gets a lot of grief for her skin color and what she likes. She isn?t one to lay down to take it easier, but she?s not as over the top about it as Meadow. She has a boyfriend along with good grades. Her life doesn?t change much until the Martin family comes into her life. Meadow has known Oso Martin for part of her life. Off and on. She doesn?t know he has siblings until a camping trip. She along with Dani are sucked into a mystery when the likes of Izzy Martin is bullied. She will come to discover that Izzy isn?t just an autistic, artistic, intelligent boy.  Could Izzy be a pretty little nightmare waiting to happen? Or is it all one big misunderstanding? 

Pretty Little Nightmare

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  • Paperback

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