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In his collection of short stories, author Yugel Losorata permits us to own his stories after we�ve read them using our own prism to understand, to appreciate, to be beguiled by his imagineered literary creations.
He wrote this collection of 18 stories while finishing a novel, taking care of a family amidst an egregious pandemic, and perhaps missing performing with his band songs about love, loss, heartbreak, dreams and foibles.
Rhythm and Bruise opens with �Open 25 Years,� a gripping story based on a fire that burned a nightclub where over a hundred people perished � because the door was closed. 
�Two Letters� is about a father, a son, and a president of a country.
�True or False� is about the rabid religiousness of a believer-wife, a dead husband, an old friend and a charismatic cult leader. 
�The Band That Never Was� is a tale about a college band, a potential hit song, a manager with the �freakish smile� who had the drummer rolled out of the band and someone gets killed. 
 �Forty Days� is about two people who met at a hospital and got into a conversation and went separate ways to attend two separate 40-day rituals. 
These are just a few of the fictional short stories in the collection � created and bred in the mind of Yugel Losorata.
Fictional but always personal.
Find your rhythm and get bruised. Maybe and just maybe, you will stop for a while and live � and begin to thrive.
The Philippines� King Of Talk

Rhythm & Bruise

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  • Yugel Losorata
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