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"Scribbler is the Author’s first blog article title culled out of a Journalism subject in the University of the Philippines Baguio (UP Baguio) in 2006 that requires student to create online blog posts.  Not knowing then that she would one day turn out to become a legit author, she kept a diary or a notebook where she would jot down her emotions, her complaints, she would vent out her frustrations, pen down her thoughts, musings, reflections, she would unleash her complaints and tirades about college life and she would marvel at her little wins.  This book is a raw and poignant picture of a student’s life, struggles, hope and ranting’s.
The book is honest, relatable, genuine, spirit filled sharing of thoughts and coping from teenage years, college blues and young professional’s journey.
In a nutshell Scribbler is the author’s blog in college days, 2006.  She retained this as the title of her book because it revealed all of the author’s writings in 2002, 2003 and retained some of her blogs in 2008-2013.  Read it to get to know how ordinary and how basic her style of writing is. She was to have found her voice and triumphantly won life’s initiation or rite of passage.  If you want to compare her writings from her past, this is the book that takes them all out of the storage or archives."


SKU: 9789356453432
  • Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria
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